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Carving a Leaf

Leather carving rose petalWe have added a new leathercraft video series to showing how Tony carves 3 rose petals (and thorns). It’s a 5 video series, but each video is very short, and all together they only take up about 6 minutes. We start with the swivel knife to create the basic image, and then move on with a beveler, pear shader, veinier and a few other stamping tools to provide depth and shading. While these are rose petals, the general concepts can be used with leaves as well. You can view this leather carving video here.

Also, it’s worth noting that future videos will all go on the channel. Our first video, with over 400,000 views was posted under my name, and cannot be changed without losing the view count.

We’ll be posting more bits and pieces in the coming weeks.

We have also added a video for sale. More on that later.


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