A Second Look at Two Leather Carving Samples

  1. Leather tooling comparison 2The camouflage tool is missing in “A” which means empty space and no definition for the seeder portion.
  2. Few seeds without a clear division detracts from the overall image.
  3. Decoration cuts with the swivel knife show a lack of practice. The swivel knife is the first and last tool to be used on the design (Where have we heard that before?? Well, repetition is the key to learning!) and will determine the fullness and volume of the flower, the petals and leaves. The final decoration cuts will make or break the whole project. Lots of scrap leather and 15~20 minutes a day practice will put you head and shoulders ahead of most other craftsmen.
  4. Mule foot shows no gradation and does not follow the design line.
  5. Rough gradation.

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