Brand Names Making Their Own Fakes

Luxury brands are baiting and switching Americans. The brands are made in China and passed off as made in France or Italy.

Gucci and Prada are manufactured in China. Hermès silk scarves are hand finished in Mauritius. And Louis Vuitton will soon build a shoe factory in India.

The “Made in China” label is often hidden in an inside pocket or stamped black on black on the back of a small tag. Some goods are almost entirely made in China, with a few finishing touches, such as buttons, applied in Italy — just enough to earn “Made in Italy” on the label. Or, accommodating factories in China, will sew on the Made in Italy for you.

The story in the New York Times  should make anyone think twice when they pay an outrageous price for a “luxury” handbag made by “artisans.”

This is the culmination of a trend, and high-end shoppers will soon get tired of paying premium prices for the same mass-produced junk that every salesclerk can buy.

This is good news for real leather artisans. People will come around for the real thing, and pay well for it. Better yet, there is little competition, as skilled leatherworking has almost died as an art.

I am convinced that leatherworking, if applied creatively and diligently, will increasingly be a great way to make a living.

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