Make a Long Wallet – Butterfly Pattern

This is the next best thing to being in the room with Tony Sugimoto. This long wallet and butterfly pattern are a new design, and this is the forst time Tony has made this exact model. A prototype of sorts. As a leathercraft professional, you will often challenge yourself in this way. This video is almost 2 hours in length, and with no frills. There aren’t even any polished transitions between scenes, though it is divided into 16 chapters, with narration to help you along. You will feel as though you are at the table in the studio along with us.

There are two key parts to making any wallet. The first is making the exterior part, the part that everybody sees and that you show off whenever you can. The part in the picture to the left. For the exterior, you will need to choose the leather, settle on a design, and choose your hardware (snaps and such). This is where your skills will be highlighted, along with any mistakes. This DVD spends chapters 1 through 9 putting you through this process.

The other part of making a wallet is making the inserts, the pockets and dividers that go inside the wallet to give you places to put change, cash and cards. While a thinner leather is used for this, and less time is spend on appearances, there is a fair bit of work in putting the inserts together, so chapters 10 through 16 cover this part.

(Though the inserts are shown later here, it’s a good idea to have them at least measured out first. Obviously, the inserts need to fit the dimensions of the exterior. Beyond this, the inserts need to be big enough to hold your cash and cards comfortably.)

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to make the cardboard template that you will use as a reference for this project and for similar projects afterwards.
  • How to plan out all the dimensions.
  • How to draw, or simply copy, the butterfly design, and how to cut it.
  • How to measure and cut the leather.
  • How to cut and attach the inside liner
  • How to machine stitch the butterfly design onto the wallet.
  • How to prepare and preserve the leather.
  • How to choose and attach the hardware (rivets, snaps and more)
  • How to measure out, design, cut and construct the wallet inserts.
  • How to add a zipper.
  • How to finish the edges for a clean look.
  • How to hand stitch.
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