Leathercraft Studio Lessons

You can read about it, or you can do it.

Doing is better.

Read about our leathercraft course here.

And then start doing…

6 Responses to Leathercraft Studio Lessons

  1. Mary Voorhees says:

    I am interested in a hands on class if you have one. I live in Davis, CA. Are you located in Sacramento?
    Thanks, Mary

    • Bille says:

      Mary, we don’t have any classes in the US (though I used to live not too far from Sacramento). We were trying to arrange seminars, and if we decide to do that inn CA, I’ll announce it here. Thanks for your interest.

  2. I want to know if you are planning a class in the US. Very interested for hands on also.

    • Bille says:

      We have talked about. It’s a matter of getting enough people interested and able to attend. Thanks for asking.

  3. ivana says:

    I am interested in taking course on leather craft. May i know the time schedule? or can i get further information for the class?
    i am currently at Singapore.


  4. I want to take the tooling course.

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